MAX Range

Starting with the EB MAX 1.8 in 2017 ARRI built the foundation for a whole new range of high speed electronic ballasts – the EB MAX Range. Together with three other models − EB MAX 2.5/4, EB MAX 6/9 and EB MAX 12/18 − the MAX ballasts offer cutting-edge features with new remote control possibilities from 575 up to 18,000 W.

Combined with state-of-the-art ARRI daylight lampheads such as the True Blue Daylight or M-Series, the EB MAX Range enables optimal performance and advanced control for high image quality at any frame rate.

For ultimate ease of use, indicators on the ballast’s front panel display the lamp wattage, DMX channel, operation mode and selected lamp frequency.



High Speed Range

ARRI’s High Speed ballasts accept the challenge of modern digital high-speed photography with ease.

Running lamp frequencies up to 1,200 Hz High Speed ballasts facilitate high quality flicker free images even at frame rates of 1,000 fps and in many cases beyond even with a single discharge daylight source. Set to High Speed mode, ARRI electronic ballasts supply the lamp with a greatly raised square wave current, allowing worriless shootings for many various application such as SFX, VFX, commercials, sports, industrial applications, automotive component testing, ballistics or material testing.

ARRI High Speed electronic ballasts are available up to 800 W.

Basic Range

For over 25 years, discharge lighting ballasts have been an integral part of the ARRI Lighting family. During that course of time, the range has developed to comprise the reliable, robust and efficient components recognised today as the industry standard for film, theatre and events. The range of ARRI Basic ballasts features state-of-the-art electronics and offers easy maintenance, automatic fault detection and extensive status indicators, along with impeccable reliability and safety. A wide range of cables and accessories complete the ARRI Lighting product line.




ARRI also offers ballast solutions dedicated to the Event business. The intelligent remote 19″ electronic ballast untis are made for rack mount installations with multicore power distribution. Those ballasts fit perfectly to the lampheads of the ARRI Event series. 

The ballast units (except of EB 575 EVENT SINGLE) consist of three easily exchangeable modules and can be operated manually or via DMX remote control. Each channel can be switched or dimmed to 50 % individually and the front panel indicators show the status of both – lamphead and ballast.